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Do you feel you need braces? Are you unhappy with your smile? If so, you could benefit from braces – a dental prosthesis that changes the position of the teeth over time, improving how they look. 


Choose From A Range Of Braces


When it comes to braces, you have a lot of choices. You can opt for regular braces that work by using wire and brackets to pull the teeth into the ideal position, or you can use Invisalign instead. Invisalign is a discreet tooth adjustment procedure that uses removable retainers. You can also choose from a range of other options which we will discuss below. Whatever route you go down, you can dramatically enhance your confidence and get the teeth you’ve always wanted.




Invisalign is one of the most popular choices of “braces” out there. Strictly speaking, it isn’t technically braces but rather a treatment that involves the use of plastic retainers. These small trays clip onto your teeth. The system works using a series of retainers to move your teeth, starting with one that closely reflects the current position of your teeth and finishing with one which yields the ideal tooth shape for you. Every few weeks, you swap out your old retainer for a new one that causes your teeth to move slightly more towards their perfect position. 


Metal Braces


The next braces option is metal braces. These involve first cementing a series of brackets to the front of your teeth and then connecting them with a wire. When the dentist tightens the cable, it puts a force on the teeth, encouraging them to become less crooked. 


Wire braces are one of the most cost-effective options, as well as the most effective. With this prosthesis, you can dramatically enhance the appearance of your smile and deal with some of the trickiest tooth alignment issues.


There is a range of metal brace options available to you. Not all of them need to be highly conspicuous. While traditional metal braces are highly visible, you can now get translucent versions that you can wear, which fit the same as the regular metal variety. 


Clear And Ceramic Braces


A lot of patients opt for clear and ceramic braces. These use the same basic principle as regular braces – relying on wires and brackets to pull the teeth into alignment. But they have the benefit of being almost invisible, making them ideal for adult patients who want to adjust their teeth discreetly. Clear and ceramic braces use individual translucent or tooth-colored posts, making them less conspicuous. Furthermore, they also use clear elastics instead of thick metal wires, again helping to reduce visual impact. 


Damon Braces


Finally, you might want to try out Damon braces. This is a radically new system that doesn’t rely on either elastics or ties to force teeth into their new position. Instead, this type of braces uses passive self-litigation, setting it apart from other tooth straightening methods. The advanced shape-memory wires gently move teeth comfortably and quickly. Interestingly, it doesn’t just straighten the teeth but also helps to improve facial structure as well, broadening your smile and improving your overall aesthetics. 


Our Orthodontist


Dr. Suman Gorantla has expertise in all these orthodontic methods and can help you feel more confident about the way that your teeth look. His interest in orthodontics began many years ago while studying general dentistry and orthodontics in India. During that time, he developed good manners and extensive expertise in finding the right treatments for patients, depending on their needs. For this reason, he now offers a range of braces and brace-like interventions, running from Invisalign to the Damon System – a relatively rare form of treatment only available from specialists like Dr. Gorantla. 


What matters most to Dr. Gorantla isn’t the therapies themselves, but seeing how they improve the lives of patients. For him, this is the most gratifying part of the entire process. Straight teeth are great, but it is how people feel on the inside that makes the most significant difference. All his education, training, and experience wouldn’t mean a thing if it didn’t allow him to make a real difference to people’s lives on the ground.




If you’re looking for braces, then you have a variety of options suitable for different preferences and budgets. For some, traditional wire braces will offer the best combination of smile-enhancement and affordability. For others, clear or ceramic braces will be better because they are more discreet. 

Whichever type of brace you choose, Dr. Gorantla is here to support you and provide treatment. His passion is to create beautiful smiles, and he can help you create yours today using a variety of powerful methods. We hope you enjoyed our blog if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our Smiles Orthodontics office at 316-684-5184 or visit our website.