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Wichita Adult Orthodontics Treatment


What orthodontic treatment options are available for adults?

Newer materials & techniques available can decrease the discomfort levels, makes braces invisible, decrease trips to your orthodontist. We will also find a way to make it affordable for you and your family with flexible payment plans & no interest payment options. Here are a few popular options at our orthodontic office:

  • Traditional braces: For moderate to severe orthodontic corrections, traditional braces are a great and affordable option. These metal braces are still a popular choice among adults and teens alike for that beautiful smile and a good bite.
  • Invisalign: With Invisalign clear aligners, there are no irritating brackets or wires to worry about and no food restrictions that will change your eating habits because the trays are fully removable. Plus with fewer doctor visits, Invisalign clear braces fit conveniently into your busy lifestyle.
  • Clear Braces: Our clear, ceramic braces are almost undetectable to fit your lifestyle needs and are just as effective as traditional braces. Our Clear ceramic braces are very popular with adults and kids alike.


Braces aren’t just for kids anymore. Many adults are seeking treatment now that they couldn’t do when they were kids for whatever reason. There is significant data available (AAO) that shows braces can help with maintaining hygiene, restoring proper chewing ability, help with jaw joints (TMJ/TMD) related issues and of course, self-esteem. We help several patients that have jaw joint (TMJ/TMD) related issues.

Am I too old for braces?

There is a misperception that only children and teenagers can get braces, but there is actually a growing number of adults who are getting orthodontic treatment. Yes, orthodontic treatment can be easier for younger patients because their teeth and bones are still growing, but older patients can still benefit greatly from orthodontics. It’s never too late to realign your teeth and we definitely encourage adults to come in for an orthodontic evaluation because everyone deserves to smile confidently.

No matter what age you are, you can be a candidate for orthodontic treatment. If you have had a history of periodontal disease, the orthodontist may refer you to a periodontist to improve your gum health.

Why should I get braces as an adult?

Since our bodies are constantly changing, many older patients find that their teeth have moved out of alignment throughout the years. When the teeth are improperly positioned, excessive pressure can be placed on the wrong parts of the mouth, causing discomfort and pain. As time goes on, this can lead to problems such as gum diseases, uneven wear of teeth, bite related issues including TMJ problems (TMD). Patients often look to braces as a solution when they have difficulty performing normal activities like smiling, talking, or eating.

Orthodontic treatment repositions the teeth for a balanced, well-functioning bite. Cleaning teeth can also be a lot easier when the teeth are straight and easily accessible. Adult orthodontics can reduce the risk of dental decay, joint disorder, injury, and teeth grinding. On top of that, having a bright, confident smile can boost self-esteem and improve social skills.


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