Smiles Orthodontics has just wrapped up it’s 2019 Girl Scout Cookie Buying Program for the year! This is the second year that Smiles Orthodontics has run the program and is planning on continuing for years to come.

What is the Smiles Orthodontics Girl Scout Cookie Buying Program

The program is built to help support the local girl scout groups in Wichita while also helping those in need. Started by Dr. G and the Smiles Orthodontics staff, the program helps local girl scouts by buying cookies from the local troops. Girl scouts can drop by the office in their uniform and Smiles Orthodontics will buy two boxes from each scout.

At the end of the program, Smiles Orthodontics will then donate the boxes of cookies to local charities. This year Smiles Orthodontics and Dr. G are donating the boxes of girl scout cookies to Victory in the Valley and Wichita Children’s Home. Victory in the Valley, a cancer support organization, and the Wichita Children’s Home offers emergency, temporary, and residential care for children in the Wichita community.

Dr. G chose these two charities because “cancer care and the Children’s Home are close to my heart.”

2019 Results

This year Smiles Orthodontics purchased 500 boxes of Girl Scout cookies and donated every single box. This is over $2500 worth of cookies donated to the local charities!

Here is a quick photoshoot Dr. G and the girl scouts did together!

Below you can see the photos of the different girl scouts and the boxes of cookies that were bought by Smiles Orthodontics!

How to Participate?

The Girl Scout Cookie Buying Program has ended for 2019, however the program comes back every year. We encourage those who would like to participate to follow us on social media where we announce the program.