Metal braces are a part of growing up. Most adults remember the time that they had their braces in either middle school or high school. There is nothing wrong with getting braces and getting the smile of your dreams. Although metal braces are the most common form of teeth straightening, they still have a list of pros and cons. Not everyone loves braces, but not everyone hates them either. If you would like to learn about the pros and cons of metal braces, then continue reading!

Pros to Metal Braces

There are many pros to getting metal braces. The first is that metal braces are incredibly effective. They handle every dental issue that there is, unlike Invisalign. These braces are great at fixing extremely overcrowded teeth, as well as over and underbites. Over decades and many patients, this form of teeth straightening has remained relatively the same. They are a full-proof way to straighten your teeth. 

Metal braces are extremely durable and are made to last. They are made to securely remain in the oral cavity for a long duration of time. To stay so strong for long periods of time, the wires are made out of high-quality stainless steel or even titanium alloy. When it comes to the brackets that attach to teeth, these can be made out of stainless steel, gold, titanium, or nickel. These brackets are kept on teeth by using dental cement so that the brackets do not fall off. 

Another pro is that metal braces are the least expensive teeth straightening method. Invisalign and ceramic braces can get pretty pricey. Braces are relatively cheaper, but they are also the most effective so that you would be getting your money’s worth out of them. Adjusting braces is also easier. If there are slight adjustments that need to be made during a short period of time, these adjustments can be done frequently, and very quickly. 

This part is mainly for the kids, but you can pick colorful rubber bands to go around your brackets! Many kids love picking fun colors that fit their personality or even the upcoming holiday. These rubber bands are elastics that hold the wires into place on the brackets. The bands come in a variety of colors, and patients can choose any colors they want, and even mix colors! Rubber bands also get changed out frequently, so you can always have a fresh new color to rock. 

Lastly, braces are permanent to your teeth during your teeth straightening journey, unlike Invisalign. There is a higher chance of you losing or misplacing your aligners. You would then have to get another set made, which can take some time. 

Cons to Metal Braces

Like there are pros, there are also cons to metal braces. People do not like these braces for a lot of reasons. The first reason is the appearance of them inside your mouth. The majority of people do not like the unaesthetic metallic appearance of braces, and they feel that they are very outdated and extremely noticeable. If you are looking for something more discreet, then getting ceramic braces or Invisalign would be a better choice for you. They are very discreet, and Invisalign is practically invisible. People find these options much more appealing, and they feel better knowing that they are straightening their teeth in a less obvious manner. 

Not only are metal braces noticeable, but they can hurt. When these braces get tightened, they can be quite painful due to the pressure being applied to teeth. They are also painful because the metal brackets and wires can irritate or cut your lips, tongue, and cheeks. The stabbing feeling in your cheeks is very uncomfortable, you either have to get the wires trimmed or use wax to cover the wires. 

Properly cleaning teeth and gums can be a time-consuming task with braces. Brushing has to be done in a new way to clean the areas of teeth around the brackets. Flossing is also increasing harder. Traditional methods of flossing simply do not work. The good news is that there are water picks and floss picks that can get in between teeth without getting in the way of the brackets and wires. 

Lastly, braces limit the types of foods and drinks that you can consume. You have to stay away from hard foods because they can break or damage your brackets and wires. You also have to stay away from really chewy and gooey foods because they can get trapped in braces and teeth and cause tooth decay. Also, consuming fluids that are dark in color leads to teeth staining, which will not look good when the braces are later removed. 


Braces are still an excellent and affordable way to get the smile of your dreams. They are nothing to be afraid of and can help you reach your perfect smile in no time! Once they are removed, you will be happy that you went through the experience. 

We hope you enjoyed learning about the pros and cons of metal braces. If you have any questions about possibly straightening your teeth, please let us know! If you’d like to learn more about braces, schedule a consultation today on our Smiles Orthodontics website!