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The decision to get braces to improve your smile is an investment in the future. However, to achieve that happy and healthy smile, there are several tips on how to care for braces parents and kids need to remember to keep that smile sparkling after the braces come off.  Braces create new hiding places where plaque likes to gather. It’s important to know exactly how to clean your braces, and what kind of foods to avoid in order to achieve that healthy looking smile!

Look at the wires and brackets in your mouth — they’re working hard to improve your smile every minute they’re on your teeth. This is a simple reminder on how to care for braces — you need to treat your braces as nicely as they treat you. Gooey, chewy candy can destroy all the good work your braces are doing by pulling brackets loose and getting stuck in every nook and cranny. That means no candy bars, caramel, taffy and absolutely nothing hard. Also stay away from acidic foods and drinks that damage the enamel on your teeth or stain them. Apples and oranges aren’t good for your braces. Try a banana or melon instead! Here’s another tip on how to care for braces — say no to fruit drinks and soda pop, but milk and other low-acidic beverages are good for your teeth. So are eggs, pasta, soups and different kinds of meats.

Braces make cleaning your teeth more important than ever before. Daily flossing, rinsing and brushing with fluoride toothpaste after every meal is extremely important in fighting plaque and food particles that might get stuck in your wires. Braces allow more places for plaque to build up, which can result in tooth decay, gingivitis and bleeding gums. Parents should make sure that their little brace patient has a mini-toothbrush at school for a quick after-lunch cleaning.

If your braces break or remain un-cleaned, they’re not helping your smile! Damaged braces can result in a longer treatment and more appointments.

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