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No matter how careful you are with your braces, sometimes accidents happen. Broken brackets, loose bands, and protruding wires can be painful, uncomfortable, and interfere with your treatment. If you are experiencing an orthodontic emergency, then it’s important to call your orthodontist for an appointment. Dr. Gorantla might have to readjust, reattach, replace, or reposition your broken wires and brackets.

In the case of some orthodontic emergencies, you can temporarily fix the problem before your next scheduled appointment.

Loose Brackets
This can occur when you eat something you’re not supposed to. Hard and sticky foods can loosen the brackets of your braces, which causes them to poke your cheek, gums, and tongue. Dr. Gorantla will give you a special wax when you first get your braces. In order to lessen the discomfort before your next appointment, apply the wax over the loose bracket to protect your mouth.

Loose Bands
These are the metal rings placed around your back teeth. When a band becomes loose, then immediately call your orthodontist so it can be re-cemented. Patients should not try to put the band back on the tooth. Save the band if it becomes detached completely and bring it to your appointment.

Protruding or Broken Wires
This is one of the most common types of orthodontic emergencies. A broken or protruding wire can cause great discomfort by poking your tongue, cheek, and gums. Apply orthodontic wax to the tip of the wire, and gently try to push the wire back in place. Treat sores and cuts by rinsing your mouth with warm salt water. Do not cut the wire! It’s important to make an appointment to have it fixed and replaced by your orthodontist.

Loose Spacers
These rubber rings are used as separators between your teeth before your brace treatment. If one of your spacers is loose or comes out, then make an appointment with your orthodontist for a replacement.

For more information on orthodontic emergencies, please contact Dr. Gorantla and the friendly staff of Smiles Orthodontics!