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Meet Our Wichita Doctor

Dr. Gorantla

I, Dr Gorantla, developed an interest for orthodontics when I was in my dental school, following my cousin around, who was in his orthodontics residency at the time. I saw first-hand what orthodontics can do to put smiles on the faces of young kids. I knew I wanted to be an orthodontist and worked very hard to be ranked 1st for the All India Post Graduate Dental Admissions Test.

Upon graduation with my General Dentistry and Orthodontics in India, I taught orthodontics and practiced for 2 years before deciding to come to America. For most, the thought of having to go through dental school is a daunting one at best, but to know that you will have to do it twice shows a passion that few can claim. I could list all of the titles I received going through Dental school in two countries, but they wouldn’t mean a thing if I didn’t have the passion for creating smiles that last a lifetime.

I met my wife Praveena while completing dental school in Boston at the Boston University. We had a true long distance relationship for a year and a half while she was working as a Rheumatologist at the Wichita Clinic in Kansas and I was away in my Orthodontics residency at the University of Pittsburgh. We traveled back and forth monthly to visit each other during that time, and knew that our ultimate goal would be for both of us to practice in the Wichita, KS area, raise a family and enjoy what Wichita has to offer. Praveena and I were married in August of 2008 and we welcomed our first son 4 years later in August of 2012. I enjoy working with happy patients and listening to their funny stories. The thing I love best about orthodontics is that I get to be a part of every patient’s journey to achieve a smile that they will carry with them forever. Every day I get to put smiles on my patient’s faces, and how many can say that?

“Most gratifying feeling about being an orthodontist is being able to make a difference in the lives of patients when it matters the most!”

All the training I received and great teachers I met taught me humility and inspires me to keep learning. I continue to train also to keep on top of the latest technologies so that I can provide the best clinical care in the shortest time to my patients. I look forward to meeting you and becoming your Wichita orthodontist.

Dr. Kristen Wellemeyer Sander.

As a Wichita native, I am so excited to have made my way back home to put smiles on the faces of people in my hometown!

I first became interested in Orthodontics before I began dental school, while shadowing an orthodontist in the Kansas City area and finishing up my undergraduate education at Rockhurst University. As I went through dental school, I found the more I learned about the specialty, the more excited about it I became. From helping patients achieve their goals for their smile, to influencing growth and development of the facial bones, to improving function for people’s daily living, Orthodontics is a multifaceted and rewarding field that I continue to learn more about on a daily basis.

While at UMKC School of dentistry, I worked hard to stay at the top of my class and earn a place in the Orthodontics residency program at UMKC. I then practiced in the Kansas City area for 4 years following my graduation from residency in 2015, though it has always been my goal to get back home to raise my family.
I met my husband John while we were both in school at Rockhurst University, and we have two busy young boys, Michael and Henry, that are the lights of our lives.

When I’m not at work, you can find me with my husband and kids, spending time outside or enjoying various activities around the city.

I enjoy the science and art that goes into shaping your smile, but mostly, I enjoy getting to know my patients. I am looking forward to being a part of the Smiles Orthodontics community!

Kristen Sander, DDS, MS

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