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Good oral health is critical to physical and mental health and it’s worth the investment. In fact, problems in jaw development can lead to huge problems for our nutrition, breathing, eating, and speaking.  However, for some patients who need braces, cost is a major factor in starting treatment. Smiles Orthodontics has several options for payment that help ensure that patients get the treatment they need, while staying within the family budget.

What is included in the braces cost?

At Smiles Orthodontics, we let you know up front, before treatment begins, what the cost will be—there are no surprises. Our orthodontic fee includes all orthodontic records, orthodontic appliances and braces, all  visits to our office, the first set of retainers and retainer checks after treatment is completed.

What payment options are available for my braces cost?

Insurance policies vary from family to family—but most will cover a portion of orthodontic care. We are preferred providers for the following insurance companies but our staff will file claims, help you with any needed forms and help you to maximize benefits with all insurance companies:

Regardless of insurance, there are usually costs outside of most orthodontic coverage. Smiles Orthodontics offers flexible, no interest payment plans and we will work with you to create a plan that fits into your budget.

In addition, we work with an outside lender—Care Credit—to provide no money down, low monthly payments. The application for Care Credit is easy to complete, and confidential.

How can I save money on braces cost?

Of course, patients are able to pay the full amount of the braces treatment up front, if they choose, and some patients—whether it’s through tax refunds, or through Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts—are more comfortable paying the amount upfront. Patients paying the full amount will receive a discount.

Smiles Orthodontics is also happy to offer a family discount if you have more than one immediate family member needing orthodontic treatment.   We want to see your entire family with healthy and beautiful smiles!

The journey to a healthy, self-confident smile starts with a free consultation with Dr. G. Call our office to schedule your consultation and if it’s necessary, Dr. G and our staff will work to help your child—or you—get the orthodontic treatment needed with payments you can afford.