If you are a busy person on the go, you understand that coffee is a MUST. Below are five must visit coffee shops that offer more than just your average coffee. They offer amazing food options and they help make our Wichita community better by creating partnerships and amazing atmospheres. Coffee, of course, is delicious and really helps you get pumped up to go about your busy day. Waking you up is a pro, but staining your teeth is a con. With braces, coffee should be enjoyed in moderation. If coffee consumption is going to happen, drinking cold drinks and using a straw can help minimize the contact with your teeth to help prevent staining.

Flavors Coffee and Ice Cream Bar

This coffee shop is ready to knock your socks off with their options. They are partnered with different coffee roasters in the local area as well as a few unique out of town roasters. They offer no less than six different types of drip coffee, and fun latte and mocha flavors such as caramenilla lattes and raspberry mochas. They serve Nitro Joe’s, which is a nitrogen infused cold brew coffee, and they make specialty seasonal drinks every month. 

As you may have noticed from the name, they also offer ice cream! They offer twenty-four different flavors of yummy ice cream, such as white chocolate raspberry truffle and caramel pecan praline. If you want the best of both worlds, they make a homemade coffee ice cream that features a specific coffee from one of their partner roasters!

Leslie Coffee Company

If you’re looking for some coffee with some fun twists, this is your place to visit.  They offer your regular options such as hot/iced coffees but they also offer some yummy fun options. You can get honey lavender flavored lattes, a root beer float iced latte, and even an Affogato (a scoop of salted creamery ice cream “drowned” in espresso). 

If you’re feeling hungry, they offer an array of toast options such as avocado toast, lemon ricotta toast, and banana almond toast.

Jane’s Landing

This shop has a focus on thoughtful, real ingredients and crafts their options with love. Their coffees include drip coffee, cortado, cold brew, café citrus, café cream soda, café miél, dirty chai, and golde lattes.

They really put effort into their snacks they sell alongside their coffee. One of the options that Jane’s Landing makes themselves is called Cinnamon Maca Bites. They consist of organic and healthy ingredients. This shop partners with other local businesses in order to provide other snack options as well. They offer a sweet potato and blackbean burrito that are made by Little Lion Café

MOXI Junction

This particular coffee spot is super unique and deserves lots of love. Not only are they a coffeehouse and bakery, but they are also an art gallery. They are a great business that provides yummy coffee and great service, and they also employ and train special needs adults and teens. 

They offer signature lattes such as S’more mocha, Laren lot-a, Caramelicious, The Fourth (white chocolate and hazelnut), and a drink of the month that varies. Their bakery and food options include paninis, strombolis, and egg bites. 

Ecclesia Coffee Shop

This coffee shop is perfect to help you reminisce about your childhood days. They offer fun drinks like Snickers coffee, hot chocolate, and seasonal drink offerings that can be found on their blog. They can make you a smoothie to the flavor of your choice if coffee isn’t on the agenda for the day. 

Remember the classic sandwiches you’d get for your school lunch? Take a step back into your childhood days of sack lunches! Ecclesia brings them back with a fun yummy twist. They offer the Peanut Butter Special which is slightly warmed and filled with peanut butter, cinnamon, honey, and apple slices! YUM! They also offer The Lunchbox which includes, ham, pepper jack cheese, house made honey mustard, and jalapeño chips all between two slices of multigrain bread. 

We hope you enjoy our list of 5 must visit coffee shops. If you have any questions regarding coffee consumption and braces or Invisalign please don’t hesitate to contact Smiles Orthodontics today!