You just got Invisalign aligners and you’re thrilled for this new transformation of your teeth! The Invisalign trays are virtually invisible, but it is extremely important to clean them properly to ensure your dental health. If you’re wondering how to keep them clean, keep reading to learn more!

Clean Them Daily

While this may seem like the most simple rule, it is one of the most important! To avoid build up and discoloration, it is vital to clean your trays daily. Bacteria can easily build up while we are sleeping and throughout the day, making it crucial to clean your trays both morning and night. You can easily do this by rinsing the trays and brushing them with an antibacterial soap before inserting them back into your mouth. Make sure to avoid using toothpaste on your trays because it can cause them to dull, making them more visible. Doing this prevents bacterial infections as well as eliminating the chance of bad breath.

Soak Your Invisalign Trays Nightly

Another way to prevent the buildup of food and plaque is by soaking your trays in denture cleaner or Invisalign cleaning crystals. Doing this will help to dissolve any buildup that has formed on the trays, as well as eliminate bacteria from the day. Once your trays are done soaking in the cleaning solution, simply rinse them off and use a clean, designated toothbrush to slough off any remaining food particles.

Keep Your Invisalign Tray Case On Hand

These trays were designed to be “invisible” in your mouth, but their clearness can make them easy to lose. They can easily blend into a white napkin at any restaurant, meaning they can get thrown away in seconds. Be sure to bring your case with you whenever you might be taking your trays out of your mouth so that they stay safe and sanitary. When your trays are left exposed to open air, they can easily collect bacteria. If they are left open for an extended period of time, make sure to rinse and scrub them before putting them back on.

Take Your Trays Out Before Eating/Drinking

The only beverage that you should be drinking with your trays in is water. No tea, no coffee, no milkshakes, no juice, just water!  The design of your Invisalign trays is not meant to withstand constant chewing, and its quality will degrade over time from various food ingredients. Different types of foods can also stain your trays, which will make them less “invisible” over time. A general rule of thumb to follow is to remove your trays before sitting down to eat.

Establish a Daily Routine

Although each set of Invisalign trays is only worn for a few weeks, it is very important to take care of them to your best ability. If they are not cleaned properly, there is a chance for plaque buildup which can lead to cavities. Throughout the duration of your Invisalign treatment, remember to schedule regular cleanings at the dentist. To reap the full benefits of Invisalign, keeping your oral health up to par is just as important as wearing your trays daily.

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