As any orthodontist will tell you, sugar is definitely not the best food for your teeth or your braces. Consuming too many sugary foods can cause some serious damage. However, we understand that it is not realistic to expect our patients to never have dessert! Dairy happens to be great for building healthy teeth and bones, so if you’re going to treat yourself we recommend ice cream or frozen yogurt. Here are some of our favorite ice cream and frozen yogurt spots around Wichita!

8° Below

8° Below serves rolled ice cream made fresh right in front of you in a freezing cold flat pan. They offer a lot of flavors, mix-ins, and delicious drizzles to finish off your treat! You can choose from their signature flavors, or craft your own!

Churn and Burn Ice Cream

Churn and Burn offers made to order ice cream that can be customized with a variety of flavors and toppings. They even have vegan gelato base options available for their custom creations. In addition to their made to order ice cream, they also serve ready-made flavors made in house. The store is named after their Churn and Burn special – fresh coffee or espresso and ice cream frozen together with liquid nitrogen right when you order for maximum freshness!

Little Lion Ice Cream

Little Lion Ice Cream is a local, family owned shop that serves coffee, ice cream, waffles, and other treats! Their high quality, delicious products are also available at a few local retailers and coffee shops. In addition to their store, they also cater events!

Freezing Roll

Freezing Roll serves rolled ice cream made fresh right before your eyes, with no artificial preservatives or stabilizers necessary. They have plenty of flavors, toppings, and sauces to choose from. Come in to enjoy a beautiful cup of freshly rolled ice cream!

Did we forget any great ice cream or frozen yogurt spots in Wichita? Tell us about them below!