Getting braces?

Braces give you room to express yourself. Do you want your braces to be discreet or would you rather have a colorful smile? Let braces and the team at Smiles Orthodontics help you make a statement about who you are and what you like! We have a wide selection of braces colors and clear braces.

Clear braces

Colored braces are popular among younger people. Clear braces are more popular among adults. However, there are some adults that appreciate the pop of color that braces give and some young people who appreciate the subtlety and discreteness of clear braces. Clear braces improve your smile without drawing attention to the braces.

So you want colored braces. How do you choose between braces colors?

Braces are made of many small parts that come together as a whole to transform your smile. The colorful part of your braces are rubber bands that go around the brackets. The rest of the braces are going to be a silver color. While the decision of what color your bands will be is important, it is not permanent. You can change them every time you have come in for your appointment with Dr. G. At Smiles, we provide a rainbow of colors to choose from (we have close to 30 colors you can choose from). You can select your favorite colors to match the current season, to match your school colors, your favorite sporting team’s colors or your outfitJ. Our patients get all excited in color selection process (and why not!!), they bring their family and friends to help with them choose colors.

Whether you are pro color braces or pro clear braces, have fun expressing yourself as you straighten and improve your smile! Ask Dr. G and the friendly team at Smile Orthodontics for color recommendations if you’re having trouble deciding on braces colors or visit PAINT YOUR SMILE on Smiles Orthodontics website to virtually try on new colors.