What Can I Expect During My First Orthodontist Visit?

Is it your child’s first visit to an orthodontic clinic? Since you don’t know what to expect, you both might be feeling nervous or anxious. The idea of visiting the orthodontist may seem a little intimidating at first, but there’s nothing to be afraid of! We make new patients our top priority at the Smiles Orthodontic clinic in Wichita, KS.

Consultation visits are free of charge and are scheduled during less busy times of day, ensuring you have the undivided attention of our orthodontist. So what should you expect during your first Smiles Orthodontics appointment?

At the Smiles Orthodontic clinic, a parent or family member is encouraged to accompany their child into the consultation area to help ease any anxiety and to ask questions about the process. Our friendly team will review your past dental records and medical history. The orthodontist, or one of his assistants, will then take X-rays of your mouth and jaw. These images will help us assess your bite pattern and teeth alignment. It will also allow us to see if there are any teeth still waiting to come into the mouth. A thorough examination of the teeth, jaws and jaw joints will then be performed by Dr. Gorantla.

With this information we’ll be able to determine if a patient is an immediate candidate for treatment, or if it will be better to wait for them to get braces in the future. It’s also possible a patient may not need braces at all. If a patient is ready to begin treatment, Dr. Gorantla will discuss which treatment options will yield the best results for their smile. He’ll will make sure ALL your questions are answered. These questions may include but are not limited to the length of treatment, how to take care of your braces and teeth, what to eat & what not to eat, review cost and payment options. Remember, first consultation appointment is just to get to know the doctor and his team and vice versa!! No surprises!! Make sure to bring your insurance card (if you have orthodontic insurance), so we can estimate the cost of your braces. Please call Dr. Gorantla’s office for further information regarding your consultation appointment. We look forward to meeting you!