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From start to finish the Smiles Team was friendly, fun, professional and amazing! I highly recommend the Smiles clinic to anyone getting braces for themselves or their children. They were completely upfront with all the information. Easy payment plan and easy to schedule appointments. Dr. G is friendly and professional.

Thank you Smiles!

- Angelyn.H

I’ve had such a great experience here and I would definitely recommend people to Smiles. Dr. G did such an amazing job. Staff is very helpful and friendly. Thank you so much for having me as your patient.

- Tammy

My daughter loved coming to Smiles and her teeth look great!

Thank you.

- Stacy. F

We have really enjoyed the team at Smiles. From our initial visit on, they have always been friendly and professional and helped Alexis throughout the whole process with her braces. Thank you so much! Her teeth look great !

- Richie. B

I have already put two kids through braces at a different orthodontist’s office and knew I did not want to go back to that orthodontist. They were overpriced (Because kids got toys at each visit), hard to schedule with and then left me uninformed that since my girls were starting young I would have a “phase 2” to pay for. I did my research and chose Smiles Orthodontics when I was ready to take my third child for braces. I could not be any happier. So happy that my fourth child has started braces with them. At my first visit they took x-rays and told me to bring her back in 6 months when the last of her baby teeth have come out. It was a free consultation. I did not even have to pay for the x-ray. That also eliminated Phase 2 experience.

When it came time to return to start braces I was pleased to see that they sent my child home with an electric tooth brush along with a few “pick brushes”. Tools my child can use to keep her teeth and braces clean at home and on the go. Not silly prize toys. When it was time for her braces to come off I was expecting the same yucky retainers my older two had to choose from. But no, the nice clear ones that fit over your teeth, that are usually only offered to adults as an alternative to metal retainers. She only has to wear them at night. Wow, no fighting my kid to wear her retainer , cool.

Our appointments were easy to make and always on time. We were always told how long to expect to be at the next visit. We were always given a printed note for school, something I would always forget to ask for in the past. But I hardly ever had to do an appointment during school hours. Recently, my last child in braces had an appointment just days before leaving on a long vacation. I appreciate that Dr. G decided to not do too much at that visit and save the work for when she returned. Looking back, I am so thankful for that decision.

I am glad that I don’t have to say good bye to the Smiles team just yet. I would not hesitate to send my family and friends to Dr. G and his team. Not only are they terrific to their patients,  I have seen them also give back to the community.

Thank you SMILES team. So happy to say it is not good bye for us yet.

- Patricia. R

Gabby started out with what we call shark teeth. Teeth all over the place. Came to Smiles Ortho. They fixed her right up. What a nice change! Love them. Did such a great job.

Yelll it from the roof tops.  Smiles Ortho

- Billie. E

Never had to deal with Braces before but with my daughter needing braces, I was a bit skeptical. Didn’t know what to experience. Smiles Orthodontics made the whole experience a breeze. The staff are great, friendly and know their work. Dr. G is great and also friendly orthodontist. Very experienced. I am well pleased with how my daughter’s teeth look. I highly recommend Smiles Orthodontics.

I love this place 🙂


- Carmen. M

Our experience with Smiles has been amazing! the staff have always been very accommodating and serve us with kindness and class. Thank you for the wonderful journey with braces. Also, Thank you Dr. G for your skill and caring. You and Your staff are truly the best ! 🙂

- Janet. J

I am glad to have staright teeth. Every person in this office has contributed to my braces process. I LOVE Smiles, all the people are nice and gentle.



- Anonymous

The whole experience was positive. Staff was always very professional. My son was really happy when they removed his braces. He smiles a lot. Everything was worth it.

Thank you!

- Alma. H

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