Back To School With Braces

If your teenager began their braces treatment with Smiles Orthodontics over the summer and is now heading  back to school,

you may be wondering how your teen’s braces will affect their normal day to day as they transition back. We would love to walk you through how to be best prepared. Your teen will have the smoothest transition possible from summertime braces to school year braces. Be prepared. It’s key! It’s important that your student prepared to go back to school and back to their extracurricular activities with their new braces.


Pack a Braces Kit

A braces kit should include anything you would need to keep your braces clean and comfortable throughout the day. Your kit should contain a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss or floss picks or water floss, a small mirror, rubber bands, and orthodontic wax. If your student is prepared, then they will be able to deal with an issue quickly and not be distracted by a potential irritant.


Have your teen pack a lunch full of foods that are braces friendly. If they buy their lunch at school, then remind them to make good food choices. Teens will need to set aside time after lunch to brush their teeth. They may need to set a reminder on their phones to do this each day. 


Braces friendly mouth-guards specially made for braces wearers offer a great protection for whatever sports your teen participates in, or even just gym class. A mouthguard is always an important piece of gear for your teen’s practices and games. It will be even more important for preventing damage to braces and injury during sporting events now that they have braces.

Contact us

For more information on being prepared for the school year with braces, please contact me, Dr. Gorantla, and our friendly staff at SMILES ORTHODONTICS! Have a great start of your semester!