My teeth have been crooked since I was a little girl. I really want Invisalign Teen, but my mom and dad think traditional wire braces are better. What can I do?
– Concerned Teen

Read the articles about Invisalign that are posted on our website and visit to find out more about invisible braces. For example, check out Your…or-adults-and-teens/teensat Sheet for Chatting with Parents.

After you have educated yourself with the articles and videos on Invisalign’s Teens Page, bring up the subject again with your parents. Invisalign for teens can be right for you under the right circumstances. Let them know that the reasons you want Invisalign is because you’ve educated yourself on the subject and that you believe Invisalign is the best choice for you — not because Invisalign is trendy or because all your friends have it.

Have a discussion with your parents and try to understand their concerns about Invisalign. Refer your parents to 10 Things Parents Need to Know about Invisalign Teen and other helpful articles on Invisalign’s Parents Page

Hope this helps!


If you and your parents have questions about whether traditional braces or Invisalign Teen are the best choice, contact us today. Schedule a visit with Dr. Gorantla and the rest of the Smiles Orthodontic staff in Wichita, Kansas to find out if invisible braces are right for you!