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If you’re considering Invisalign, you may be wondering what types of activities are safe while wearing the aligners. The answer to your biggest question — “Can I drink a milkshake, soda, or juice while wearing my aligners?” — is “No.”

Why not?  Drinking allows liquids to accumulate between your aligners and your teeth.  Some liquids can stain your aligners.  One of the really great features of Invisalign is that the aligners are clear and no one can tell you are wearing them.  If the aligners are stained because of the liquids you are drinking, your teeth will look stained, too.  You don’t want your friends thinking you have icky, stained teeth.

Another reason not to drink while you are wearing your aligners is because the sugars from these drinks will build up inside your aligners.  Most of the sweet drinks we enjoy, like soda and milkshakes, have tons of sugar.  The bacteria on your teeth will feed on those sugars to form acids that will cause more plaque on your teeth and eventually results in more cavities.

The better alternative is to remove your aligners every time you take a drink, unless you are drinking water.  After you have finished your drink and rinsed your mouth, pop your aligners back in.  It’s as simple as that!


We’ve assembled a list of definite “to do” behaviors that are completely harmless and acceptable during your Invisalign treatment.


  • …wear your Invisalign aligners in photographs. They won’t show up in the pictures and you’ll have a great, white smile of which you can be proud.
  • …clean your aligners daily with your Invisalign cleaning kit. A healthy smile is a clean smile.
  • …floss and brush your teeth as usual during your treatment.
  • …remove your aligners while eating and brush your teeth afterwards.


As we’ve just discussed above, there are also some behaviors you should avoid while wearing your aligners.


  • …wear your aligners while eating, drinking or chewing gum. You could damage or stain your aligners.  If you stain your aligners, others will be able to tell that you are wearing them over your teeth or they will think that your teeth are stained.  If you damage your aligners, your treatment will be affected and your teeth will not move into the correct positions.
  • …brush your aligners with toothpaste and a toothbrush. Use the Invisalign cleaning kit.  Toothpastes and brushes can permanently scratch your aligners. The Invisalign cleaning kit includes gentle cleaning materials that are safe for your mouth and will remove harmful bacteria from your aligners without scratching or damaging them.
  • …leave your aligners out of your mouth for long periods of time. Doing so will interfere with your orthodontic treatment and you won’t get the results you want.

Still confused about what you can or can’t consume with your Invisalign? Check out our food guide for Invisalign! It’ll help you figure out exactly how to adjust your diet to your new orthodontic appliances without sacrificing any important nutrients.


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