You’ve just reached the end of a long journey. Your braces have done their job, and now you have a beautiful and radiant new smile! It may seem like your work is done, but not so fast! Even though your braces were taken off, you still need help keeping your smile beautiful. We don’t want the hard work that went into perfecting your smile to be wasted, right? This is why patients need to wear their retainers — to help keep their teeth from shifting out of place. A retainer is a removable plate that preserves the position of teeth after braces. Dr. Gorantla will decide on the type of retainer, the length of treatment, and the daily schedule for its application.

Teeth naturally shift as the body grows, which is why wearing a retainer is so important to the preservation of your new smile!


Certain procedures, such as dental crowns, may cause your retainer to fit improperly. Dogs also like chewing on plastic retainers, so keep retainers in a safe place when they are not in use. Please contact your doctor if you lose your retainer, or if the retainer no longer fits. With regular cleaning and proper care, your retainers will keep your new smile happy and healthy!