Achieving a healthy and happy smile is easier than ever before thanks to the innovations of Invisalign! More teens and adults are confidently choosing Invisalign for convenience, invisibility, and comfort. They lead busy lives and want a treatment that is compatible with their day-to-day activities. It’s also a popular treatment for professionals who want to improve their smiles, but don’t want visible braces in their busy social lives.

Not all patients are eligible for an Invisalign treatment. Younger children and patients that need more intensive care may benefit more from traditional braces. Smiles Orthodontics can determine if you are a candidate, and apply the treatment to help improve your smile. Please all Dr. Gorantla and his friendly staff for a consultation!

Invisalign is an Exciting Alternative to Traditional Braces

  • Invisibility

As the name implies, Invisalign is virtually invisible thanks to their clear plastic appearance. This allows adult and teenage patients to avoid the social stigma sometimes associated with having braces, and lets them improve their smiles. The discretion of Invisalign CAN produce magnificent results.

  • Convenience

Invisalign is perfect for the busy lifestyles of teenage and adult patients. They can be removed when eating, or on special social occasions so they don’t cramp your style. This treatment also requires fewer trips to the orthodontist for adjustments, making them perfect for busy schedules!

  • Comfort

Unlike traditional metal braces, this treatment doesn’t use wires or brackets. Made of smooth, clear plastic, Invisalign keeps the inside of your mouth free of uncomfortable cuts and bruises that sometimes occur with metal wires.

  • Easy to Clean

Invisalign are easier to clean than traditional braces. Since they can be removed while eating, they don’t accumulate food particles or plaque. It also gives you the opportunity to see and clean every inch of your Invisalign plates. Since they’re easier to keep clean, they are also healthier for your teeth and gums.

As you can see, there are tons of benefits of Invisalign. Schedule a consultation with our orthodontist to learn if it’s the right fit for you!