Smiles Orthodontists Employee Spotlight - Tiffany Woods

Smiles Orthodontics is more than an office where professionals and patients meet for orthodontic care. Smiles Orthodontics is a family that includes the professional staff and every patient that comes through the door.

When a new patient visits Smiles, the first person they meet is Tiffany Woods.

For the last 14 years, Tiffany has been the New Patient Coordinator at Smiles Orthodontics. She is the first contact with patients as they begin their Smiles journey.

“I talk with the patient and their family during the consultation,” says Tiffany. “I explain the procedure and make sure they understand that they are being treated by the best doctor possible in Dr. Gorantla.”

Tiffany also discusses financing for the treatment, and helps patients and families find the plan that works best for them. This is the most satisfying aspect of Tiffany’s job, because she helps patients realize their dream of improving their smiles and self-esteem.

“I love seeing people leave with a new smile on their face,” Tiffany says. “I see the boost in their self-confidence and how a treatment has made a positive impact on their lives.”

The number one thing that Tiffany Woods wants new and future patients to know before coming to Smiles Orthodontics, is that they are becoming part of the Smiles family. “We welcome every patient into our family and want them to feel comfortable,” she says. “We care about each patient as an individual and want to improve their smile.”

Smiles Orthodontics continues to grow under the direction of Dr. Gorantla. Tiffany is excited to see the practice continue to make a difference in the lives of patients in Wichita and the surrounding communities.

“Not only is Dr. Gorantla an amazing doctor, he’s also a great person,” says Tiffany. “I’m really excited for the community to see how Dr. Gorantla and his services benefit people everywhere by giving them new smiles!”

Contact Smiles Orthodontics for a consultation today, and meet Tiffany Woods so she can discuss your new smile. We look forward to meeting you, and welcoming you into the Smiles family!