Smiles Spotlight - Chris Pfannenstiel

The legacy of Smiles Orthodontics as a Wichita, KS tradition first started with Dr. Crowder and continues today with Dr. Gorantla. We are proud to have helped generations of patients in the community achieve healthy and happy smiles! Perhaps no one has witnessed this first hand more than Chris Pfannenstiel, the longest-serving employee currently at Smiles Orthodontics.

Chris Pfannenstiel is an experienced and talented orthodontic technician who has been with Smiles for 23 and a half years. Dr. Gorantla says, “she is very kind, compassionate and a great person to be around. She knows our patients through generations and is an anchor to all our practice”

Chris loves working with her Smiles family and the relationships she’s developed over the years.

Chris says, “Smiles Orthodontics creates a positive work environment that is extended to our patients. Dr. Gorantla has continued to uphold the Smiles tradition, while also moving the practice forward by taking big steps into the future”. She says, “As a technician, I work chair-side with Dr. Gorantla placing and adjusting braces. Together, our entire Smiles team creates magical smiles!”

“We treat every patient like family,” explains Chris. “We want them to be as comfortable as possible. The most job satisfaction comes from knowing that the work I’ve done has made a positive impact on someone’s life now and forever.”

Chris wants every patient to know that there’s nothing to be afraid of during a procedure. Smiles Orthodontics gives the highest quality of care, and the friendly staff is always ready to answer questions. For over two decades Chris has helped give happy smiles to a generation of patients and their children. She has also seen innovations in the field of ortho care that has made it easier than ever for patients to get braces and achieve those perfect smiles.

“I’m excited to see the tradition of Smiles Orthodontics continue into the future, as we treat new generations of patients and create smiles that last a lifetime!” says Chris.

Call our office for an appointment, and visit Chris Pfannenstiel at Smiles Orthodontics today. We look forward to meeting you!