Brighten Your Smile with Exciting Colors for Your Braces

Children have the most fun during an appointment when they get to choose new colors for their braces. If you have traditional steel braces, then there are small elastic bands made of rubber that are situated around every bracket. To make everything more fun, these bands are available in a wide variety of colors! Elastic bands are changed every 4 to 6 weeks during your orthodontic appointment, which means patients can choose different colors each time.

Children and teenagers put a lot of thought into their decision, and have fun picking colors of braces that express themselves. Some patients might choose school colors, or a color that reflects their mood. At Smiles Orthodontics we have a wide selection of brace colors available to brighten your smile!

Let’s look at some tips to remember before you choose your favorite colors for your braces.


  • Traditional steel braces are available in almost every color of the rainbow! However, self-litigating braces, ceramic braces and Invisalign do not have this option since they don’t use elastic bands.
  • Most brace color options include Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Pink, Orange, Gray, Silver and Black, as well as many shades in between. Ask Dr. Gorantla for more details!
  • You can change brace colors every time Dr. Gorantla changes your elastic bands.
  • If you have a darker skin tone, then Orange, Turquoise, Green, Dark Blue, Pink or Gold will look super cool!
  • If your skin tone is lighter, then Light Blue, Dark Blue, Pink or Gold will make your smile shine!
  • Pick colors that complement your eyes, or the color of clothes your wear most often.
  • Choose festive colors based on the time of year or holiday!
  • Show school spirit or support your favorite sports team with your brace colors.
  • Light colors can make your teeth appear yellow, while dark colors can make them look more white.
  • Black, Green or Brown can sometimes make your teeth look like you have food stuck between them.


Ask Dr. Gorantla and the friendly team at Smile Orthodontics for color recommendations if you’re having trouble deciding on colors of braces or visit Paint Your Smile on Smiles Orthodontics website to virtually try on new colors. Remember to have fun with your brace colors, and express yourself while you brighten your smile!