Celebrity Smiles Need Help Too!

Needing braces is nothing to be ashamed of. Nobody’s perfect — not even celebrities. In fact, stars of all ages use orthodontic braces to help improve their celebrity smiles. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to have a movie star look! Smiles Orthodontics can address the same dental issues that had these stars looking for help with their celebrity smiles!

Stars who had Braces as Children:

These celebrities had braces at a young age to catch early dental problems!

Angelina Jolie — Super Star Acting Mama
Madonna — Just a material girl living in a “Material World”
Drew Barrymore — Onscreen friends with both E.T. and Adam Sandler
Giada De Laurentiis — Celebrity Chef with a $1 million smile
Anna Kournikova — Blonde Tennis Bombshell
Gwyneth Paltrow — Vegetarian and former “Coldplay” muse
Emma Stone — Ginger Haired “Spider-Man” Gal Pal

Hollywood Stars with Braces in Adulthood:

Some stars waited for braces until they grew a little older!

Oprah (Invisalign) — Queen Mother to a multi-media empire
Natalie Portman (Invisalign) — Oscar-winning actress and onscreen wife of Darth Vader
Brad Pitt — Benjamin Button, Jesse James, Moneyball…the guy’s pretty good
Beyonce — “Sasha Fierce” Super Star
Cindy Crawford — Super Model
Heidi Klum (Invisalign) — Super Model
Tyra Banks — Super Model
Chris Rock — Super Model…um?…Comedian

The Young Royals:

Even the English nobility needs help keeping their smiles fresh!

Prince William — Braces as an adult
Kate Middleton — Invisalign
Prince Harry — Lingual braces during childhood

Young Stars of Today:

These kids have perfect celebrity smiles thanks to braces!

Emma Watson (Invisalign) — Harry Potter “Teen Witch”
Ariel Winter — Dunphy Daughter on “Modern Family”
Jaden Smith — New Karate Kid and Son of the “Fresh Prince”
Niall Horan — “One Direction” Heartthrob

It’s Never Too Late!

These Hollywood stars improved their celebrity smiles by getting braces a little later in life. Better late than never!

Tom Cruise (40) — Top Gun “Maverick”
Faith Hill (45) — Country Star Beauty
Danny Glover (59) — Everyone’s favorite buddy cop
Faye Dunaway (61) — “Bonnie” to Warren Beatty’s “Clyde”