What Types of Braces are Best for Me?

When you visit the orthodontist, you and your doctor will evaluate your case and determine what treatment is most beneficial. There are several types of braces available that have unique benefits, but the choice greatly depends on the individual treatment needs of the patient.

Metal braces are the most traditional, and feature metal brackets and wires. Modern innovations have made metal braces far less obtrusive and lot more comfortable than they were in the past. Out of all the types of braces available, traditional metal braces are still the most noticeable. However, they are also most sturdy and have their own place in treatment. Children also enjoy the many color options available for metal braces to make the experience even better! Ceramic braces are exactly like metal braces in size and shape. The only difference (besides material) is that they use clear or tooth-colored brackets, which make them far less visible. Because of this feature, ceramic braces are “a little more” expensive than traditional braces.

The types of braces you can choose from greatly depend on the individual needs of the patient.


Another brace type that’s popular are lingual braces. They operate in the same way as traditional braces, except that lingual braces are attached to the opposite side of the teeth to conceal all brackets and wires. This makes cleaning more difficult, and the process on the inside may also cause more discomfort. Because of their unorthodox placement, lingual braces are harder for the orthodontist to adjust, which means longer time in the chair for patients. Lingual braces are also much more expensive than traditional braces, and may not help treat more complicated cases. One of the most popular types of braces are custom Invisalign aligners. They are removable, invisible and are very popular in adults and professionals. While Invisalign is desired among patients because of their discrete appearance, they are not ideal for all treatment needs.

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