Mouthguard available at Smiles Orthodontics Wichita

The Journal of the American Dental Association has written a great article about choosing and caring for a mouthguard.  It is a great reminder of the importance of mouth protection for all types of sports.

When pulling together your sports equipment, don’t forget about getting a mouthguard. Whether you’re participating in organized sports or are a weekend warrior, you should think about the importance of protecting your mouth.

Why wear a mouthguard?

A properly fitted mouthguard, or mouth protector, is a key piece of athletic gear that can help protect your smile. People typically think about wearing mouthguards in contact sports, such as football, basketball, boxing, lacrosse or hockey, but the risk of experiencing an oral injury also exists in noncontact sports, such as gymnastics, baseball or skateboarding. Mouth-guards cushion blows that might otherwise cause broken teeth and injuries to the lips, tongue, face or jaw.

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