Written by Chloe Adeline

Write A Love Letter!

“But I’m single!” you protest. Or maybe you immediately sit down and start writing a flowery letter to your partner/spouse/one-time-Cupid.


It doesn’t matter if you’re single. And if you aren’t, you’ve probably already sent your lover a thousand notes as sweet and pathetic as petunias. [They might be tired of them.]

Instead, try writing your love letter to a friend.

A little bit ago I wrote my best friend a love letter. I wrote about the birds chirping, the flowers, and sprinkled in some math jokes about “friendly pairs.” [Because we’re dorks.]

Recently she wrote me a message telling me all the things she loves most about me. She didn’t mention the wind rustling in the grass, but I count it as a love note anyway!

We talked about it yesterday, laughed, and smiled. It was one of the best times. These were two of the highlights of my recent life, and neither cost a penny or took any “work.”

The point is that it was a lot of fun to write, a bit ridiculous and pathetic, but honest and sweet. And it made us both smile.

So instead of watching reruns of Lost, what’s keeping you from writing a love letter to a friend this evening?

I’d love if you left a comment and let me know if you do…or if you have any awesome ideas about manufacturing smiles?!

Thanks for reading, and I promise for the vegans out there…less cheesiness in the future!